Future of Text

ed. by Frode Alexander Hegland

Published: 2020

Type: Text

  • Hypertext Blazing
  • Description:

    The book is a collection of dreams for how we [publishers] want text to evolve as well as how we understand our current textual infrastructures, how we view the history of writing, and much more. The aim is to make it inspire a powerfully rich future of text in a multitude of ways today and to still have value in a thousand years and beyond. It should serve as a record for how we saw the medium of text and how it relates to our world, our problems and each other in the early twenty first century.

    We know so precious little about the potential of text.

    Our great ancestors adapted when faced with new landscapes. For them it was adapt or die. We have entered cyberspace–an entirely new information landscape. It is no different for us. The cost of investing in the future of high, but the cost of not investing is higher, in terms of opportunities for understanding lost and fake news spread.

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