The City as Wave-Trough in the Image Flood

Vilém Flusser

Published: 1988

Type: Text

  • Self-forming and mind-breaking
  • cyb3rsp4c3
  • society (and modernity)
  • medialab
  • Description:

    The essay translated here, “Die Stadt als Wellental in der Bilderflut,” appeared in Die Revolutionen der Bilder: Der Flusser-Reader zu Kommuni-kation, Medien, und Design. Written in 1988, it illustrates some of Flusser’s most advanced thinking on the topic of human subjectivity in relation to tech-nology and media. It also locates him in relation to an intellectual current in German social theory, seen most notably in Luhmann’s work, that draws heavily upon cybernetics and systems theory. Flusser’s concept of the subject as a “knot ”of relations, as the intersection of various “channels ”of information, out of which the “net ” of a city is formed, parallels similar concepts developed by...

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