The Emerging Risk of Virtual Societal Warfare: Social Manipulation in a Changing Information Environment

Michael J. Mazarr, Ryan Michael Bauer, Abigail Casey, Sarah Heintz, Luke J. Matthews

Published: 2019

Type: Text

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  • Description:
    1. What are the characteristics of virtual societal warfare, and what risks does it present to advanced societies?

    2. What is the social and technological context in which cyberaggression, such as hostile social manipulation and virtual societal warfare, will be employed?

    3. What might the world look like 10–15 years after the advent of virtual societal warfare and related techniques of cyberaggression?

    The evolution of advanced information environments is rapidly creating a new category of possible cyberaggression that involves efforts to manipulate or disrupt the information foundations of the effective functioning of economic and social systems. RAND researchers are calling this growing threat virtual societal warfare in an analysis of its characteristics and implications for the future.

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