The Dark Forest Theory of the Internet

Bogna Konior

Published: March 2020

Type: Text

  • diffr & alienism
  • cyb3rsp4c3
  • society (and modernity)
  • Description:

    The internet is a dark forest. The roots grow upwards, the crown reaches downwards: wrapped around the planet, the internet circulates between satellites and underwater cables. The internet is a tangible space, yes, but also a mental expanse. Made for sleepwalking, for a mundane delirium. For sacrificial rituals. People get lost in it by shining light in all the wrong places, exposing too much about themselves, communicating impulsively, recklessly.

    Flugschriften rekindles the long tradition of 16th-century pamphlets –or ‘flying writings’–giving heterodox, experimental, challenging writings a pair of wings with which to find like-minded readers. Flugschriften publishes short, sharp shocks to the system–whether this be the political system, literary system, academic system, or human nervous system.

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