Biopolitics | a reader

Timothy Campbell and Adam Sitze, editors

Published: Duke University Press, Durham and London 2013

Type: Text

  • diffr & alienism
  • Geopolitics
  • Description:

    Timothy Campbell and Adam Sitze, editors biopolitics - a reader

    not enough time has passed for a complete accounting of biopolitics, biopower, and for their possible genealogies and archaeologies to have been written. Indeed, it is only today, at a moment that seems both belated and too soon, that a codification of the biopolitical is underway

    there exists no perspective that would allow us to survey and mea sure the lines that together constitute the concept’s theoretical circumference. But this also means that what at fi rst appears to be an endless process— debating the endlessly blurred boundaries of biopolitics— is at one and the same time something else as well: an occasion for thinking.

    It is an opportunity to free ourselves from any one map for navigating the rough seas of the biopo liti cal, be it the straightforwardly historical and empirical, the phenomenological, the existentialist, the post- Marxist, or the posthuman.

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