"Earth: Inferno"

Mor Navón & Julián Moguillansky

Published: 2004, by Fulgur

Type: Video

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  • Description:

    A hommage to the book "Earth: Inferno" (Austin Osman Spare, 1904) filmed by Mor Navón & Julián Moguillansky in Argentina. The movie was filmed with the permission of Kenneth Grant. Published as a DVD in 2004 by FULGUR Limited: http://www.fulgur.co.uk/

    Our eternal thanks to: Kenneth Grant, Gavin Semple, Astrid Bauer, Robert Ansell, Pablo César, Fulgur Limited, Simon Ratziel, L.V.X. Thot Temple (Golden Dawn), T.O.P.Y.... and Austin Osman Spare!

    Now for Reality!

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