Published: 1996

Type: Text

  • cyb3rsp4c3
  • society (and modernity)
  • medialab
  • Description:

    <center>The situationists.

    <center>Neither individuals nor groups. Neither remembered nor expected.

    <center>Photonic Hypercapital digitizes eschatology. Lost futures are formatted for web-based artificial memory trading. All exclusive definition is banked at light-speed.

    <center>Cryonic mummification into undead Spectacle.

    <center>Real subsumption into the media.


    <center>How do situational vectors cross World-War-4?

    <center>All code-process is military manoeuvre: constrictions and escapes, intelligence collection, disinformation, mapping, virus.

    <center>Truth and falsity are derivative factors, and strictly technical, in relation to the primary and secondary features of alignment and orientation.

    <center>Strategic power consolidation, tactical melting into the jungle.

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